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The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, known as VATSIM.net or "VATSIM" was created in 2001 by a group of individuals who came together with a goal of creating an organization which truly served the needs of the flight simulation and online air traffic control community. With an eye towards more than just providing a network of computers for users to log into, VATSIM is an online community where people can learn and, at the same time, enjoy the pastimes of flight simulation and air traffic control simulation all while making new friends from all over the world.

VATSIM is not just for individuals who have experience in online flight simulation and ATC. It is perfect for both the new user, and the long time "simmer".

For someone who has just learned about online flight simulation and air traffic control and is interested in real world procedures, VATSIM and its members, many of whom bring real world experience and expertise to our community, offer an ideal environment to learn real world skills.

For pilots, you'll be able to fly with radar service by air traffic controllers who issue instruction and assistance in all phases of flight from getting your clearance to arriving at your destination airport.

For air traffic control enthusiasts, the entire world is simulated meaning you can work ATC virtually anywhere from a general aviation airport to the busiest airports in the world. Nearly all of the real world positions are available for you to choose and learn to work.

What's your benefit?

The best part of all of this is that VATSIM brings real people together who share with you the passion for flight and air traffic control. When you contact that controller or pilot, you aren't contacting a computer generated voice or image - you will be communicating with a real person who shares the same interests as you!

And VATSIM is even more than that. It is a worldwide community of approx. 200.000 members who share the idea, the fun and the adventure of flight simulation. The local communities around the world are really good places to meet and to share information, and of course: not everything we are talking about is about this hobby. The communities are real life member communities.

You can be a part of VATSIM

All it takes is a few moments to register and join VATSIM. Once you do, prepare to learn and be rewarded with friendships that will span the globe. In addition, you'll receive the appreciation and thanks of the online flight simulation and air traffic control communities.

So why not head over to the VATSIM Members page and sign up? It is free of charge but not free of time. You will love flying in our environment.



Learning to become a pilot on the VATSIM network can be both fun and challenging. The most important thing to remember is that this is a hobby and your primary goal should be to have fun on the network. Explore more than 20.000 airports all around the globe together with more then 250,000 members in nearly every country. Share the adventure of online flying together with lots of other Flightsimulation enthusiasts. 

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An Air Traffic Controller begins by working with aircraft on the ground, then as a Tower controller, clearing aircraft to takeoff and land. Before long you will move up to the busy approach and departure duties culminating your ATC career as an Enroute Controller; handling aircraft crisscrossing the country as they make their way between departure and destination airports.

Contact information

We are always at your disposal and you may reach us at www.vatsim.eu/helpdesk . You may contact us at any time for any issue that you might be experiencing with the network, we will try to support you the most. We will do our best to be with you the soonest. Our aim is to ensure that you have the best experience on VATSIM network. For urgent matters you may send us an email at director [at] vatsim.eu

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